Aki and snow

I have just came back from a walk. We have so much snow these days. So I must take some photos of my dog in snow:)

It looks the same here, tons of snow :D.
Buju and Masai love to jump in that.

Great pics!!

He has a great jacket too!!!

These are really good shots!!

These made me smile! He looks so happy and having so much fun! This is probably my favorite part of this site is seeing all the pictures. Love them!!! Thanks for posting!!

Great pics! Love the ones of Aki running with that small stick in his mouth 😃

Wow! You really do have a lot of snow there - reminds of Vermont, where we had snows like that. Glad we're in Florida now, no snow! Aki looks like he is having great fun running and playing in that weather.

Thanks to all!
Yes, the snow is everywhere. I think I have never seen so much snow in our lowland city:)

great pics

It looks like he is having a great time in the snow!


Great pictures, he looks to have a ball. Thanks for sharing your wonder boy..

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