How well has your dog trained you?

  • First two are of AJ and his effective training…of ME!

    Third is cheesing for the camera..."Where is my model agent?"

    Fourth is "Getting spiffed up for my photo shoot."


  • LOL! Funny pics.

    I was trained years ago on the "lift the cover for me" routine. Buddy does not require me to do that command as he's not an under cover dog.

  • Houston

    How funny..yes he has trained you well..
    Otis has trained me and only me to give him a taste of what I eat..if I don't he begs, if I do he graciously takes it and leaves us alone..
    Of course he has also trained us to let him run b-500 ontop of the bed..a few laps and than he is husband hates it and fights it every single day, I simply let him and a few laps later he is happy and off he goes..why fight the little battles is my opinion..

  • Very wise, Ms. Petra. Pick your battles. 😃

  • That's funny..Sonny does the same thing…now that its been really cold there are some extra blankets on the bed so he comes out when he gets to warm but then 20 minutes later I get woken up to a paw hitting me so I'll let him back under....this happens about twice a night!! We both can't wait for summer!! :p

  • The whole covers thing came automatic for me from when I was a kid honestly there were times I would sleep on the floor with 3 bs in a twin bed all wanting under the covers.

    All zoe has to do is jump up and look at me while i'm sitting and she instantly gets rubbed and scratched.

    She has trained me to sit on the edge of the chair at the computer so there is plenty of room for her behind me.

    She has also trained me while i'm ironing to iron a spot on a folded towel just for her
    making it nice and warm so she can curl up on it.

    I'm sure there is more and she will remind me in time lol.

  • @Forever:

    She has trained me to sit on the edge of the chair at the computer so there is plenty of room for her behind me.

    LOL, and here I thought I was the only one with a b that wants to sit behind them (should have known there were other wacko basenjis that do it :D:D). For my pup Aaliyah, that is her favourite - to squeeze herself in behind me when I sit on the couch.

  • My b pulls magazines off the coffee table, when he feels I have been on the computer too long, and he wants to go for a walk…
    Pulls them off, shakes them, and then looks at me while he is in a play bow...
    Tough to get mad at him, but tough to read toothmarked mags.

  • Great pics 😃

    He trained you good 😃

  • One of my girls has also trained me to lift the covers so she can burrow down and sleep under them. The other sleeps quite happily in her own bed, but has a habit of jumping on my husband when she wakes up, so he will give her a belly rub. Let's face it - they all train us - we have only what input they allow.

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