• Can someone please tell me do ALL Basenjis that are Fanconi tested get a certificate from OFA through the post?

    The reason I ask is that last year I tested my 4 Bs, 2 early in the year and 2 later on. I have 2 Clear, 1 Carrier and 1 AFS. I have received certificates through the post for the clears and the carrier but not the AFS. I have emailed the OFA on numerous occasions. The first time I got sent a duplicate cert for one of my clear dogs, the 2nd time they emailed me through the results again, the 3rd time they asked for my postal address - that was in October!

    I know the results as I have the emails etc but I would like to have a copy of the certificate so that I can show people who ask for it.

    Hope all this makes sense BTW!!!

  • Affecteds do not get a certificate because they are not assigned an OFA number.

  • Thanks for that. I just wish someone at OFA had told me that last summer to save me wasting my time asking!!

  • May be stuipd question but why do they not issue a cert for all dog's that have been tested?

    Rita Jean

  • OFA does not issue OFA numbers to dogs who have abnormal/affected results. Since no OFA number is issued there is no certificate.

  • Houston

    another stupid question maybe, but if a dog is abnormal, if you retest them can it come back different?

  • That depends on the test and the reason for the abnormal reading. Dogs that are rated Borderline Dysplastic are advised to test again at least 12 months later. Thyroid results can change especially T4 which can be effected by estrus, stress, and illness. Fanconi results are not going to change unless there was an error in the lab when reporting the results.

  • Houston

    thanks lvoss..

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