• Well, here's the follow-up on the dental spray I've tried on AJ.

    As with good food, it only works if you can get it into the dog. AJ hates the spray and runs from me when I get the bottle out. I'm not sure whether it's the burst or it's the peppermint flavor, but he absolutely loathes the stuff.

    I will say, though, that with the few times I've been able to get it onto his teeth, his breath has improved and his teeth are a little whiter. My verdict is this: I will give up torturing my dog with it, but if your dog tolerates it, it is effective.


  • I have found the gel is easier to work with. I take a pea-sized amount on my index finger, and then wipe it on the roof of Kananga's mouth. It allows his tongue to coat his teeth.

    He doesn't love it or hate it, but it's quick and easy.

  • +1.

    I've heard a few people I know have trouble with the spray. I bought the gel originally and while the kids don't love it, they tolerate it just fine. I'll stick with the gel - I've used it successfully for almost a year now.

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