• hello all. its been a while since i posted, and much has been happening. i have moved from Michigan to California, but did not have time to fly Zumi out with me. I need to ship him out here, but need to know more about flying a dog out. well, shipping him out here. which airline is best? why? what all do i need? health testing? crates? info!! please. the good the bad hte ugly, i want to know it all. he would be going from Detroit Metro to LAX or Burbank airport. would like to ship him here within the next few weeks. can those of you who have shipped dogs before help me out here?

    much appreciated,


  • Last summer, I shipped TC to California using Continental. They were affordable, friendly, and very helpful. I also got good customer service from NorthWest but they were a little more expensive and their flight schedule was not as good for the trip. Many people also use Delta but my first and only experience with them was not very good so I have sort of steered clear.

    You will need to get a health certificate from a vet within, I think, 72 hours of the flight. You will also need an airline approved kennel. The new style Vari-kennels meet the requirements, http://www.petedge.com/product/Petmate-Vari-Kennel-In-Fashion-Colors/46472.uts They are taller than the older models to meet the requirement that the dog's ears don't touch the top.

  • I second Continental. I had Wylie shipped up here on Delta, and the Customer service was crap and it was expensive as well. I shipped him home on Continental and they were really nice about everything and no hitches as well.

  • Houston

    I have used American Airlines and they were good. I am about to use Continental for our new dog in a week, I hope they are as good as I've heard..I am glad to hear that lvoss and Nomrbddgs, recommends and likes them.

    If you rather not fly, you can have him shipped by vehicle, there are several pet shipping businesses, or Uship..just google. It would make for a longer trip, time wise, but maybe more comfortable..

    Good luck..

  • Regardless of which airline you use, it's the airport I'm usually concerned about.

    So if Zumi flies in as "checked baggage" (this airline term for pet travel disturbs me since they are living beings not objects), he will be unloaded and go in the Baggage Claim area - where the "oversize" baggage is (near those things that go round and round; this is usually where skis, golf bags, etc are claimed).

    Make sure you get there early (at that (Oversize) Baggage Claim area). I'm not sure where this is located in LAX or Burbank Airport but from my experience at SFO, while there are airport personnel there during regular hours, people just start taking things as soon as the items are unloaded.

    Basically, from my experience (I flew from DC to SFO with Cosmo), no airport personnel checks if what people are taking/grabbing are actually theirs! :mad: (it's a mad dash and people are in a hurry.)

    So make sure you're there early and get Zumi as soon as you see his crate and that no one takes him/his crate. 🙂

    Hope this helps! 😃

    (P.S. The process may be different if you use a pet "shipping company" and if so, make sure you ask them the detailed step-by-step process of how they do this.
    Have you checked Pet Air as another option?)

  • I don't know what routes are available with this airline or what the costs are, but they are for pets only and the animals do not go into cargo. They fly in the main cabin area with attendants checking on them periodically during the flight.


    I wish I had a load directly from Mich to LA…I'd bring him out to you.

  • Since Zumi is being shipped he will most likely be checked in at the Cargo building though some airlines have special programs that allow them to be checked in at the terminal. They will be delivered to the Cargo area of the recieving airport which is separate building so make sure you know where you are going. Sam got lost trying to find it when picking up TC from SFO and the Cargo worker called quite concerned for both me, the contact, and the waiting dog.

  • Houston

    I love the concept of that airline, and they are affordable to boot..but they do not fly to Houston…bummer.

  • The prices are not that bad, considering….. IMO

  • With both Continental and Delta (although I still don't like them) we had to show proper ID to retreive them from Cargo-on both ends. They checked our driver's licenses and had us sign for them.

  • Houston

    I too had to identify myself as the person that is intended for the dog and sign for it..no mistakes here, and I am glad that theyy make you do that, even if it is little reassurance, it is better than a free for all luggage area.

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