• I've grown up giving farm dogs Ivomec as a wormer, and also have friends and coworkers that do the same with their dogs presently. However, I wanted to ask if anybody here is or had given Ivomec to their Basenji as a wormer treatment - are there any possible issues with this for Basenjis?


  • Oh, I think today you should find another more suitable and less risky deworming tablets. Ivermectine which is in Ivomec is not very regardful of the user, even it is very effective for worms. For exaple medicament with praziquantel or febendazol are very popular and effective, too.

  • I haven't heard of the other meds you mentioned, Petra. Are they freely available? Low priced?

    I have been giving my Basenji and other dogs Heartgard, but it is too expensive for my family now, although I still want to keep my dogs healthy. I can get Ivomec cheaply and have seen dosing information on other animal sites.


  • Actually, in this thread linked below, a breeder & show judge who frequents the forum (dmcarty) had some info that might help you out.


  • I have used Ivomec (Ivermectin) for heartworm preventative in my dogs for years. A bottle normally costs under $40 and lasts for a couple of years.

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