Chaos is alsmot a year now, and although there have been some trying times, I'm glad we got her. I had to share with someone what she is trying to teach our 14 month old baby to do. Chaos was in her kennel, because the older kids were eating(that's a whole other story). The baby was playing with Chaos through the kennel. Chaos was trying to teach the baby how to open the kennel for her. And it was working, between the two of them, they managed to get one latch open and were working on the second when the kids finished dinner and chaos got set free.

That's awesome! Who says Basenji aren't smart!

If a Basenjis could talk they'd say "kids are easily trained".

It was so cute to watch that I didn't stop it, i have no doubt the baby will be opening the kennel in no time.

Such a cute story!!! 😃 Wish, we could see that on a video 😉

They can even manipulate the youngest of us :rolleyes:

Welcome from a newbie, too!


How funny, I love it.
They are so smart..

Great story thanks for sharing and yes sometimes B's are just a tiny to much smart.

Rita Jean

Might have to invest in some pad locks to keep the pups where you want them:D

we actually discussed that but decided it is a bonding thing between the two of them, and i am kind of curious to see how long it takes for the dog to train the kid.

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