• I've noticed with Aaliyah away at shows (the adults stay at home with my brother), when we've been gone for more than 1 - 2 days, there always seems to be a re-introduction that needs to happen. Most of the time we arrive home at night. I've always been a little cautious of just letting them off lead in the house or yard because Ruby tends to growl at Aaliyah when she first comes home - like she doesn't remember her or is mad at her because Ruby thinks she missed out on some fun that Liyah had.

    So the re-introductions happen outdoors, in the lighted driveway on leash. I usually try to do 1/1 with Liyah & Ruby and then 1/1 with Liyah & Brando, then all 3 together.

    When Liyah was gone a month for the National, I had to do a full on re-introduction (it was like Ruby had forgotten all about Liyah and didn't remember her at all) - separate walks down the road (Liyah & Brando, Liyah & Ruby), group walks down the road.

    It is nothing that is a problem with as I've done it so many times now and it works out fine. But I was wondering what others with more than 2 have experienced - when you take one out of the pack for a period of time. And what are some of your re-introduction techniques.

  • I always did "re" introductions into the pack via the garage and back yard…. What I would do is pull into the garage (close the door...ggg) and then let the one that had been at the show out of their crate, however, I would leave all the door of the car/van open and the door to the backyard... let the others in... with the car doors open the ones that had been left home were usually more interested in inspecting the car, not the one Basenji that had been missing... and with sniffing the car, they would get that Basenjis scent... by the time they noticed that there was an extra among them... the worst was over.... worked for me and I have had up to five at a time...

  • Thanks Pat…your house setup is different than mine as our garage isn't attached...but maybe I will try that anyway as the garage would be a great place for them all to explore as they aren't used to being in there. I have a feeling the adults would be more excited about being in the garage than seeing Aaliyah.

    It is so funny to me that they act this way after only a day or 2 apart. Its like they are jealous they missed out on something and want to punish Liyah for having been away.

    Ha, ha...Heck at my house, if Liyah manages to squeeze her way in a room (or over a gate) that they can't, when she comes back out to their side of the door or gate, they punish her for that (they make a bunch of noise and pin her to the ground)...oh the drama. :D:D:D They don't want to hurt her - they just want to yell at her. :D:D:rolleyes:

  • Well we don't have a door to the house from our garage.. but a door from the yard into the garage… so that is what is opened.... so mine go from the house to the yard to the garage...
    It worked about 90% of the time...gggg

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