Help BRAT raise $$ with the click of the mouse

Please vote everyday. Last contest we received a nice chuck of change to
Help b?s in need.;)
Get your friends to help.
One vote, once a day.
I would appreciate any help you can give this great group.

Vote everyday in the Petfinder shelter challenge:

Look for "basenji" in Texas.

Or you can vote for Medfly in California who has not already won money from this organization this year.

Medfly is a wonderful group. They also need $$.
IMO, any group that rescue b's is worthwhile.
If your not sure, why not alternate one vote for each group everyother day.


Believe it or not, but I just voted for Medfly and earlier this am I vote for BRAT on this same computer..I wonder how that worked. Cool.

Any rescue group who helps b's would welcome this support.
If you can vote for more than one, yea!
Thank you all for any help rescue b's can get from you….

Thanks for the reminder Sharron. Wizard, great link. Also fellow forum members, you can register for a daily email reminder from the animal rescue site to "click to feed" as a direct link. The page that opens automatically has the shelter challenge half way down the page. It's an easy 2-fer and no residual spam.

Remember that your daily vote is regulated by the IP address at your main computer. You can vote again at work, different IP.

I click on every now and then too. Even though it's not dog-related, I love…it's very addictive.


I just voted twice today again..once for BRAT and once for Medfly..too cool..I don't know why works but it did..

If they find you voted twice they may cancel all your votes. It really goes against the rules.

I have been voting for Humane League of Lancaster County Lancaster, PA 17602 for the vet bills incurred during the rescue of 92 Chows last May. This rescue was nothing
short of amazing and heartrending.

I voted last week for Medfly.

If you really want to help whatever group you care about, you need to do it everyday.
They do give $$ to the winners, but its a daily vote.
Just for your information.

I voted again today. I went with Medfly since I voted BRAT last time around. Everyone VOTE VOTE thanks.

Rita Jean


I have been voting for Medfly one day and Brat the next day, spreading the vote wealth out a little..

That is a wonderful idea.

Since it's based on your computer IP - you can vote for one at work and the other at home on the same day!

After voting this morning, I looked at the results and BRAT is #3 in the top 10. I know this goes for some time yet but keep those clicks coming.

Voted for BRAT this morning. 🙂

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