Urgentl Situation - Allie - Senior Basenji in AL

  • Hello all. I need your help. A 13 year old spayed female Basenji named Allie is losing her home. The family that she has lived with most of her life can no longer keep her. The current owner is contemplating euthanasia if a new home cannot be secured by the time she goes back to work at the end of September.

    Allie's breeder has been notified and he is desperately trying to find her a new home but he has been unsuccessful. BRAT has been notified but they do not have a foster home in the area who can take her. They are offering assistance and support to both the owner and the breeder but at this point, Allie has nowhere to go.

    Allie is currently located in Alabama but if a foster home can be secured somewhere, it may be possible to transport her to the BCOA national specialty Sept 1 and then (hopefully) someone will volunteer to transport her to a foster.

    Contact me at yodeldogs@aol.com or Allie's breeder Norm at norm_atl@yahoo.com if you can help.

  • Do you know if she is friendly with other dogs, esp. females? She looks so sweet, I hope something works out for her to have a loving home for her "Mature" years.
    Why can't they keep her?

  • I am in southern NC (near the SC border not far from Charlotte) and if someone can get Allie here I can take her: if not permanently, at least for a while. I have two Basenjis myself: an elderly Matriarch (11+) and a young man (almost 3, in addition to a 3 year old Eskie female and a 3 year old Lab/Beagle female.

    Please feel free to email or call me and see if I can help.

    Lauma (202) 294-4869; lredin@carolinawoodcraft.com

  • Robyn,

    I just sent you an e-mail regarding this B. Where in AL this B is located at, near the TN border, north or near the Gulf, south? I forgot to ask in my e-mail. Makes a big difference when it comes to transporting her.


  • I'd like to know if she gets along with other dogs, too.
    I'm in North GA Mountains and could provide a home or foster home.
    Where in Alabama? I'm two hours from Chattanooga or Atlanta.

  • Has anyone heard anything new at all? She looks really pretty I hope someone gives her a home. I am running my mouth on here so this thread will go back to the top. Do not want out of sight out of mind.

    Rita Jean

  • Thank you to everyone who has expressed an interest in helping. I have forwarded all of your emails and posts to the breeder and I am awaiting contact so we can discuss options. I will post once I learn something.

    My only info is secondhand at this point so I don't have many answers to your questions. I am pretty sure that Allie has always been an only dog so it is unknown how she gets along with other dogs or cats. Her owner does not crate her but she is retraining her to use a crate. The owner says Allie is healthy and has no health issues. I do not know if there are any behavior issues but from what I am told, her temperament with adults and gentle, older kids is good.

  • I spoke with Norm last night and he has a local person interested in adopting Allie. He will be doing a home visit with her over the weekend but neither one of us is sure she is the right home. Further inquires about Allie are welcomed and will be considered.

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