• So I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. A guy I work with is looking to buy a basenji and he's down on finding any in Alberta. So I was wondering if anyone knew of any breeders in the Alberta area, even neighbouring provinces would probably be alright. I'm not sure if he cares whether or not it is pure bred. If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks so much !!

  • I don't know of any breeders in AB. There are a couple in BC and some in Ont. There are a few illigit ones out there who don't do any testing-I wouldn't go there. Check out the BCOC site.


    I'm in Ontario and I will ship dependant on circumstances. If he would like to talk to me let me know and I will send you my website info and he can contact me through there. I will be breeding a litter this year and I know of a few others as well.

  • Has he had a Basenji before? If not has he done his research on the breed first? Go to the Basenji Club of Canada site http://www.basenjiclubofcanada.com/ and look in the Breeders Directory link.

  • He has never owned a Basenji before no, but he has researched them. Thank you for the info. I will talk to him.

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