Calming collars

Hope I put this in the correct place. I found this on internet just a while ago. Been on here before my b has stress I wonder if these things work.
They work naturally it says. Collar calm me down, collar good to go, collar too cool. Go to

Rita Jean

They look good Rita Jean, could do with wearing one myself sometimes 😃

How well do these work in comparison to the DAP collars?

This seems like perhaps a better option since they are claimed to last longer, although I question the effectiveness.

First Basenji's

Has anyone had a chance to try one yet?

No but the way my day has been the dog great it's me I need it.

Rita Jean


I haven't used the collars, but use the DAP spray if we are going for a longer distance in the car, it works great. One of my BRAT mentors used some of my DAP spray in the crate of one of the dogs he was sending to California, the dog, kibbi went straight in, laid down and had no problems what so ever on the flight..good stuff.

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