• I tried a DAP collar during the summer and it did wonders in terms of my B's anxiety ad overeating.
    Didn't change it after a month as I was often at home but what a difference! Last month, she started chewing my visitors' belongings and when one of my colleagues comes and stay at home, I often find that she has taken all her clothes out of her bag, chewed something that belongs to her (jealous I suppose), follows me from one room to the other, moans when I come back after I have managed to leave her for a little while (even nipped my leg) and is getting afraid of the dark and loud noises in the street (difficult to go anywhere now that it is getting dark early here) , she also tries to get food from my bins.
    This afternoon, I went to get a DAP collar again from my vet and will put it on tomorrow. She was really less anxious and destructive when she had the first one on, I recommand it to those who have adopted an adult Basenji so scared to be abandonned again! A clever dog, very pretty but very jealous and anxious!

  • I really doubt that any of the behaviors you describe our motivated by jealousy. Anxiety, yes, boredom, maybe, because it is accessible definitely. When you are not home, what does your basenji have to entertain itself? Have you tried toys like Kongs, Buster Cubes, or Busy Buddies so she has something else to do besides worry about when you are coming home?

  • True, I don't have many toys around, will have to get some, she was a sad dog when I got her (had been abandonned twice for destructive behaviour) and she has never shown much interest in balls, soft toys, squeaky things I found in shops, but you are right, I must look and try others, maybe I got the wrong ones, will look in catalogues for more choice.

  • I've never heard of a DAP Collar. I just googled it.
    Does it work? Is it safe?

  • It is safe. I haven't used the collar but have used the wall plug in to help take an edge off all the hormones when the girls are in season. I did notice a difference though not as dramatic as Christiane sees.

  • I'm going to start Lycia on it - see if it helps with the separation anx.
    She isn't interested in toys either, doesn't matter what you stuff the kong with. 😢

  • My B has been back on the DAP collar for the last 10 days (I meant to put it on earlier than 10 days ago but I thought I was just imagining this change of behaviour and wanted to wait a little more time) and I must say I have noticed a difference again (takes about a week). She is much calmer if I leave her with a friend of mine (she looked after her for one day and said she was crying all the time), she is also calmer when I go into town and there is a lot of noise around and she sleeps in her basket at night in the room next door to my bedroom (got her when she was 2 years old and she is very anxious as she had been abandonned twice for ripping everything off when she was left on her own)). In other words, it is working for her, may not "work" for other dogs but my vet told me to put in on regularly and then take it off every 2 days. I probably didn't do what I should have done when she moved in but, this is helping her (and me of course as I am also less anxious!). It is worth a try! I usually take her with me wherever I go (even to work at times) or leave her in a crate in my car where she just falls asleep (when I left her outside her crate in my car, she ripped a seatbelt, peed on my seat and chewed a bag). So, I feel I have no choice, I live alone, work long hours and noone wants her (I must admit, last year I tried to place her but the moment you talk about a dog that ripped a door , chewed leather shoes, jackets, seatbelt, escaped from the car through a gap left to leave air in (had to take my car to a garage to replace rubbers around the side pannel as she forced her way out- don't know how she managed-), half strangled herself trying to lift roof out of a crate inside my flat…well, I gave up, I like her, she likes me, but DAP collar is on when she goes "over the top". I have always had dogs living with me (and my family when I lived my parents a long time ago) , pyrenean shepperd dog, italian greyhoung, alsacian dog, basset mix, Scottish shepperd dog (rescued dog when I lived in Scotland, died of cancer), sometimes two at a time and I must say I have never had to deal with such anxious behaviour and...destructive behaviour! She has found a good home but...what constraints at times!!

  • Bonjour, JeMappelle Elisabeth! Qui, Basenjis are tres mal sometimes, but J'etadore the Basenjis anyways! Ha… I thought I would try my French out (terrible...I know).
    You definitely sound like you need some help with your little one! I am thinking you may have answered your own question. Someone you trust watching the pup seems to have worked the best for you, this makes you and her less anxious and may be worth paying that pet-sitter a small fee. I am sure she would eventually get used to this person. I agree with Ivoss that the behavior is likely boredom and not jealousy. Basenjis are so smart and need to be stimulated, both mentally and physically. Leaving her crated in the car for so long would be stressful because she knows all the things going on outside and can't investigate. In other words are you sure she is sleeping in there? If you are gone to work for long periods, then her need for exercise is greater! She needs to get rid of that extra energy!!! Maybe you could get up early and take her for a good morning walk or jog.
    Just curious... you mentioned her fear of the dark. Have you had her eyes checked recently? Basenjis are prone to an eye condition that many people describe as starting with a fear of the dark. And if she is possibly having trouble with her sight, she would become increasingly agitated. I hope this is not the case and I don't mean to scare you either, but it still might be a good idea to have it checked. I forgot the name of the condition, I will post it as soon as I remember...
    Oh and I have another thought... have you considered letting her sleep with you at night? I realize this is a personal choice, but it may make her feel like she is getting more time with you since you are gone a lot during the day.
    Okay, I hope this may have helped somewhat...

  • Thanks for the encouragements and the site full of helpul tips.
    Elisabeth, bravo pour votre français, c'est très gentil d'avoir fait ce geste! I actually managed to let my dog alone in the flat for a full 15 minutes (needed to do it beacuse I had to move a piece of furniture and had to take her car crate out) and…no problem! She sleeps with me most times but since she's had her DAP collar on again, she sleeps on her own in her basket and comes and see me in the morning. It is a good new start. Will take her out for an extra long walk today as it has stopped raining! Thanks for all your advice, et merci!

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