Pro Pet Calming Spray
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    Has anyone tried the Pro-Pet Anti-Stress Calming Spray? My 3 month old Basenji cries and howls even when I leave the room - to take a shower, use the bathroom, etc. I was wondering what yall thought about this calming spray before I used it in his crate. Thanks!

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  • I suspect if you have nothing better to do with your money, can't hurt.. but help.. probably not:

    Advanced multi-function formula with natural pheromone herbal extract ingredients to safely calm dogs.<<

    Hope you read some of the ongoing threads on working on crating, separation etc.

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    Have you done any training with your b? Doing that can give the boy confidence.

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  • I know DAP has helped in my household.

    Zest always goes to the bathroom with me when I shower. When she was little, i'd take her in there with me and give her a bone to chew so that she would not have to be in the crate during that time frame. Now, 3.5 years later she still goes to the shower with me

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