• So I'm hoping to add another Basenji to my life and have considered adopting a "retired" show dog. I'd like to discuss the pro's and con's– I'm hoping he's just as used to his ears, tail, and feet being touched/handled. But I'm worried that he might be more mischevious considering he's not been out in the house often. With that being said, potty training is also an issue. I believe he's been kept in an individual crate for the most part but has other dogs in the house with whom he gets play time in the back yard and kitchen. Anyone have any thoughts?

  • I think it is a great idea. These dogs are usually past all the "puppy" issues. And are generally really thrilled to have their own family where they get undivided (or barely divided) attention. If he has been inside the house in a crate (as opposed to in an indoor/outdoor kennel) he probably already is house trained. The only drawback is that he may be a little more curious in the rest of the house, because he hasn't had access to it before. The nice thing about a dog being a former show dog, is that they are usually taken out and about and introduced to all kinds of things just being at a show.

    The other serious question mark when adding and adult basenji to an existing basenji in the household is whether or not they will get along. Lots of people do it very successfully, but it is defnintely more diffcult than adding a puppy.

    Best of luck, can't wait to hear what you decide 🙂

  • Red & white furever and jys1011 both have retired show dogs, maybe they can provide some insight.

    I think it's a great idea.:)

  • BDawg-I got both my dogs as adults. C3PO was a show dog & Topaz didn't show because her teeth came in wrong.

    Anyhow IMO show dogs & pet dogs are very different. Topaz is a cuddler & a bit shy. She's got other issues but that's for another thread 🙂

    C3PO is definitely a show dog likes the attention of people, is nicely built body-wise, independent, confident, and very intelligent. He is used to being handled is very true but he also has a mind of his own which I think is a great attribute for judges since they like a dog that floats around the ring & owns it but a little harder to manage at home. You never see shy or nervous dogs in the ring 🙂 So this type of personality was something we needed to handle right upfront. We had to be very assertive with C3PO letting him know that he's a great "stacker" 😃 but we RUN our house!

    Mine were also crate trained but not a whole lot of socialization since they too only were let out in a very large farm field for an hour 3 times a day with a couple of other dogs at the breeders. Our two played well but now that they spend the WHOLE day together you can see how they can get on each other's nerves 🙂 Potty training them was great since they picked up on it after about 3 weeks with only a couple of accidents every now & then.

    Hope this helps!

  • Wow, thanks for all your help! It's definitely get good feedback from those who know. Hopefully I will have a chance to meet the dog and go from there. There are some other issues that I am concerned with, but they are health questions…

  • Hiya BDawg-
    Stormie is a retired showdog (I got him right after his 1st b-day), and aside from a normal amount of b-mischief, he was past the worst of the puppy stage. Like CP30, Stormie loves to be the center of attention all the time and thinks the world revolves around him. What self respecting b doesn't think that, though? 😉 😃 🙂
    My only regret is that Storm is miserable in the car. He hates it, and I get so frustrated with him, that I've almost given up on taking away from home aside from vet visits and occasionally to visit with his Grammy. I think that if I had gotten him as a puppy I could've desensitized him to car rides. I'd love to have a "go everywhere" b.
    Aside from the car issue, I couldn't be more pleased with my little man. He's a snuggle bunny love bug and has blossomed being in a pet home environment.

    Oh, and as far as housebreaking goes - Stormie is completely reliable and always has been in that area. Not one accident (aside from a nasty stomach bug that hit him while I was at work, and he really couldn't help it then.).

    Good luck on finding Lexi a brother/sister!

  • Thanks, we're hoping for a little brother!! We were hoping for first Truman (but he turned out to be a little overactive for us) and then Rocky (on BRAT), but they are considering local applicants first. This one retired show dog I'm considering now is local, but he has some other health issues I need to check into as well. And I haven't seen any pics of him yet. I can't live without my internet- sometimes it's hard for me to understand that the rest of the world doesn't feel the same. 🙂

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