• Hi everyone,

    I'm having an issue. I have a 4 year old cat named Penelope and my B Kaeda plays too rough with her. Penelope just wants to cuddle, and she more of has a meow like she's annoyed but almost never fights back. She always goes right up to Kaeda to rub up on her but Kaeda just pulls on her fur. She's even dragged Penelope across the floor a few times! She's a long haired cat, and there's chunks of fur all over my house! I've tried being very stern, telling her to leave it (she knows the command, but doesn't seem to know it when it comes to Penelope), and I've tried this training muzzle - http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/1/7/6/9/2/4/webimg/331170406_tp.jpg - putting it on for 10 minutes when she gets too rough. Sure, I can separate them, and I have, but because Kaeda is a puppy, she has to be in my sights at all times. So Penelope has to be separated from me, and she needs to be near her people. Does anyone have any advice?

    Also - Kaeda's favorite delicacy is cat poop. It's not feasible to check the cat litter every 15 minutes to clean it, any idea on how to deter Kaeda from digging in the litter to grab poop and (gross!) eat it. I don't want her getting sick, and I'm pretty sure she's ingested poop before I caught her. >_<

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