• Hey gang,

    End of the month we're going to be moving into a new home. Same city, better walking areas, safer, and closer to She-Ra's favorite bark park.

    Any ideas on stuff we should do when we make the move? She's going to be spending a day crated (for the most part) at the in-laws as we close, then the next day heading to the new place. She's not a crate dog (tried it, didn't work out), so I'm really more interested in what we should do when we bring her to the new place.

    Only thing I've heard for sure is the first thing you do when you bring her in is take her directly to the back door and put her outside so she knows where to go when it's time to "go". 🙂

    Any other ideas? It's going to be a completely new environment for her so we're pretty much expecting accidents (from both her and the cats), but if anyone's got any other ideas we could try.

  • You just need to acclimate her by spending time with her there and I would take her for walks around the area so she knows where she lives. Go out for a little bit then come back. Repeat that so she knows you are always coming back. Play with her in the house and yard too. Is the yard fenced in? Will she be able to stay out there during the day at some point?

  • I would not wash her bedding before moving. I would take it and place it in the new house were could be seen and found. Smell might help to make it know this now home. If all your furniture is all ready in the house that might also help.

    Food and water bowls I would take her to see them so that she could see they are in her new home. You might just spend time playing for a while together in the back yard. Then come in together and play in all the rooms together so get feel of the house.

    If she has toys try placing them in all the rooms to give it her smell.

    If you could send at least a couple days there with her and not leave her alone I think this would help and maybe go for a walk.

    Good luck in your new home and with the move.

    Rita Jean

  • Jibini and I have moved probably 8 times in the 8 years I've had him (and we're about to move for a 9th, and hopefully FINAL time.) That's not counting the times I've switched trucking companies or had to move from one truck to another.

    The first couple of times I think it was harder on Jibini….more confusing. He visibly reacted with increasing levels of stress as we removed more & more furniture from the house. He was crated as we were moving out of the old place- so he had to sit & watch as we carried out all of "his" stuff- but not HIM. I don't know how much dogs truly understand....but Jibini IS normally comfortable in his crate. But he had a FIT when we were moving. He also immediately calmed down once we took him & his crate, and put him in the car. Still crated- but he was WITH us- and so he was OK. Once I started trucking with him & he got used to the fact that he ALWAYS comes with me when I go somewhere, he reacted much better to the whole ordeal. As well-traveled as he is at this point, he is rather blase' about moving now 🙂

    The fact that you're keeping her at your in-laws' place may help....I would definitely avoid exposing her to the whole "They're taking all my furniture but they're not taking ME" process. Maybe she can stay there while you're moving stuff too- until you get the furniture moved & set up again?? Maybe it will help make the adjustment period easier if she sees less of the moving OUT process, and the first real "change" is the first visit to the new place, filled with familiar items.

    Definitely place familiar & favorite items of hers throughout the house- I would also reccomend trying to arrange for at least one person to stay home with her the first couple of days. Frequent walks around the neighborhood are a great idea so she gets used to her new surroundings (and don't forget to have her ID tags changed!) Frequent trips to potty outside- pretend she is an 8 week old puppy for the first week or two, will help minimize accidents. If you give her EVERY opportunity to go outside for potty, you'll be suprised how quickly she figures out which doors lead to the yard!! These are Basenjis after all- escape artists- the only breed of dog that can come to a new place & spot a hole in a fence from 600 yards away. She'll figure out where "outside" is for sure.

    Been a while since I've had cats, but when I was a kid & we moved, I never recall them having any accidents. It seemed like all we had to do was put them in the litter box once or twice, and they remembered. Maybe it will be better than you expect!! Best of luck to you all!

  • My dogs are pretty used to travelling since we go to shows and lure trials and stay at various hotels but what I find really helps in a new place is having something that smells familiar for them. They seem to feel at home as soon as "their" comforter gets put out no matter where we are. This was true when we have moved with Nicky and Rally. The more stuff that smelled like "home" came in the door the more comfortable they were.

  • Update: How's this for a fun move?

    She-Ra had NO problems adjusting to the new home. She got used to it quicker than me or the wife I think. What was fun was the movers. When they came into the old place they were checking out the dog and of course they came out with "That's one of those quiet dogs, right?" I just nodded and said "Wait and see".

    So at the new place we had to put her in the backyard for a bit, so she wasn't in the movers way. Most of the time one of us was out there with her, but every now and then I'd have to leave her to go move some stuff or answer a question, and the screaming began. The movers were all like "What?!?" and I just said "Yeah, she's one of those QUIET dogs, remember?" and we all had a laugh.

    So all is well that ended well. Sadly, my eldest cat, Booger, (20 years old) didn't make the trip with us. We had planned to euthanize him that evening (he wasn't moving and was having trouble breathing), but he passed on during the move itself, which in restrospect was probably for the best. So there was a little confusion I think with She-Ra and our other cat, Monkey, as to why Booger didn't make the trip with us and where he was. We like to imagine his ghost is haunting the old house, and is even now tripping up the new owners whenever they open a can of tuna. 🙂

  • I would give anything to have seen the movers faces when the quite became yelling. So happy to hear your move was safe and easy for all of you. So very sorry about your cat but 20 years is a good long life at least. I wish all of the best in your new home. Keep us up to date on anything new.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    Good to hear that the move went painlessly and that you are in and settling well. Sorry about your beloved cat.

  • I am so sorry to hear of Booger's passing. I'm glad the move went well…

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