Trying to find a Breeder

I'm wondering if anyone knows how to get in contact with the breeder with the prefix Dune? I'd prefer email… If that have a website or anything would be good... My Jazz is from his lines and I'd like to do some more research on them.

Have you tried the BCOA?

There is no listing on the breeder referral page on the Basenji Club of America site and while I don't have my roster handy, I don't think he is a BCOA member any longer. His name Douglas Joy, Dune Basenjis, and I believe he is in San Diego. You can contact me privately if you wish if you would like more information, go to my website and email me.

Teri Reed is on the Forums and would know how to contact him.

Also there is an ad for this year's litter in The Basenji.

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