• We've taken our B's to Cypress Animal Hospital for over 15 years. Dr. Adey is Basenji savvy and he has a wonderful way of telling you what's going on without making you feel like an idiot. What's even better, he's one of the only AAHA Certified vets in the Winter Haven area and his staff is AMAZING. When I call in and give them my name they go "oh the basenji family!". When Bandit was ill Dr. Adey did everything possible for our buddy.. he even made it possible for us to have the medication Bandit needed even if we couldn't afford it. He was a very good vet for Bandit and after he passed on Dr. Adey sent us a card and flowers. It was very special and we always appreciate everything he does for us. We'd never take Mali anywhere else!!!

  • It's great to hear a good review of a vet! We know of an excellent emergency/specialty clinic in Largo, a Dr. Oswald , Internist, is amazing and very kind and compassionate. We have had a couple of basenjis over the years that needed his skills, I recommend him if anyone in the Tampa/St. Pete area needs a specialist.

    Anne in Tampa

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