• Today was something so very special to see. Back on Jan 2,2009 Renee Perrice came up missing and today the Harley Riders got togther did a ride for Renee. To see bike after bike all go up the hill and onto the highway was great so much heart. They all had orange shirts on said Ride For Renee. So cool when they all did the ride and came back great day. We all wish Renee's children and family the best.

    Rita Jean

  • Hi Rita Jean, who is Renee Perrice please?

  • Lady who came up missing here in Kansas City, Missouri back in Jan. She has Three children and they have never found her yet. Looks more towards husband but still no one knows. The grandparents have the children and this was for Renee and the children yesterday. Sure was cool to see all motorcycles and as I said all had Orange shirts really stood out. Lot of noise from bikes I will tell you that.

    Rita Jean

  • How sad, especialy for her children. It's heartwarming to see people do something for others. Usualy we hear such bad things that people have done to each other.:(

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