Capt'n Jack

LoL… so I have this pale blue parakeet named Capt'n Jack, I suprised my mother one day by bringing him home with me. Just shortly after my Bandit died I was longing for a pet (we had not yet adopted Mali) so I ran down to the pet-shop and started browsing. There he was... the smallest parakeet in the bird-tank. All the other birds piling on top of him "picking on him" basically. I told the pet-store worker I wanted "that one!" so they scooped him up and I brought home my very own Capt'n Jack Parakeet... 😃 😃

He's a little crazy though, he climbs up onto the cage's top and then just... lets go. O.O haha... anybody else got some crazy feathered friends?

Love your parakeet's name, guess you are a fan of the movie. I have 2 cats, one 17 & one 10 yrs. old.

Yeah I'm a pretty big fan… lol... plus when I saw how crazy he was the name just fit... lol

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