• LoL… so I have this pale blue parakeet named Capt'n Jack, I suprised my mother one day by bringing him home with me. Just shortly after my Bandit died I was longing for a pet (we had not yet adopted Mali) so I ran down to the pet-shop and started browsing. There he was... the smallest parakeet in the bird-tank. All the other birds piling on top of him "picking on him" basically. I told the pet-store worker I wanted "that one!" so they scooped him up and I brought home my very own Capt'n Jack Sparr...er... Parakeet... 😃 😃

    He's a little crazy though, he climbs up onto the cage's top and then just... lets go. O.O haha... anybody else got some crazy feathered friends?

  • Love your parakeet's name, guess you are a fan of the movie. I have 2 cats, one 17 & one 10 yrs. old.

  • Yeah I'm a pretty big fan… lol... plus when I saw how crazy he was the name just fit... lol

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