• We planned with Walter (tsjoe from Bendji)to go to "het Leesten" (last sunday) The great dogspot completely fenced and espesially for dogs.
    But, the weather report was so bad:(.. We choose to go another time..

    With our ship we were about fifteen minuts away from het Leesten and at saturday we had a little time left and we went to "t Leesten" by ourselfes.
    Great weather! (the whole sunday was a very rainy day but saturday was a real "sun - day" 😃 )

    Chafuko walked off the leash from the beginning, Buana after a few minutes and Hailey stayed on the leash. (we still did not had a good feeling about letting her off the leash because of the big amount of unknown dogs.. the fences are to low to keep an Ibizan inside… )

    Here some pics!

    I want to be Freeeeeeeeee 😃 (

    Sure a lot of sniffing to do!

    Brothers in crime

    Twins???? they are exactly in the same position!

    Jumping, walking, playing, jumping, walking….. (Hyperactive!!!)

    🆒 Sweeties

    Happy Hailey… 🙂

    You know.. I think there's a dog….

    Oh Yeah!! A Beagle!!!!
    (Such a great dog, 9months old and as active as both B's.. they ran for over 5 minuts…)

    Mommy, Mommy! I want to take him home….

    Yeahhh Can I? Can I?

    When you look carefully, you can see were Chafuko is staring at….. 😉 (something below the little tree, looks like the roots but aren't the roots)

    My beautiful Girl…....


    H?.. I'm looking for someting..

    Found it!!!!!

    They don't have much more to say now….

    With three of them… hahahahaha

    Wich one is Who's?

    Play a bit more… run a bit more... 😃

    After some playing, some resting


    Another dog is coming their way!

    you see, the little white spot at the picture? That was a little dog..
    Our B's followed their dog rules… Lay down, as small as possible to show they're not agressive.. they kept waiting untill the little one got closer.. but.. the little one didn't see them.. soooo when he got close enough, both B's jumped up and after they made their play-bow they ran towards the little one and stopped right in front of him.. as small as he was.. as big was his mouth.. he growled and both boys ran off.. scared.. hahahaha 😃

    We just put our heads down here.. he won't find us here..

    Tired but soo handsome.. my little man

    You called me???

    I know I'm handsome… you don't have to tell me that so much!

    Puh! 😃

    Chafuko is also tired…

  • Wonderful photos..I bet everyone was tired after all this play.

  • great pics Kim 🙂
    I let Solar always off leash there, and she stays inside 😃 we really have to meet there some day, I trust Cy and SMitthy also off leash there, allthough I agree that the fencing is actually too low for an Ibizan being kept inside for sure :p

  • I love the pics, especialy the one were they are hiding from the little Dog and also the third one from the bottom, Hailey looks like she's laughing.

  • I love it when you post pictures of your pets.
    I forward them on to a friend who is fascinated with your beautiful dogs.

  • Nice pictures, thanks for sharing. And I just love Hailey, she is such a cutie!

  • @Vicki:

    I love it when you post pictures of your pets.
    I forward them on to a friend who is fascinated with your beautiful dogs.

    🙂 That's great! :o

  • Houston

    Gorgeous dogs and beautiful pictures. They had so fun..

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