• I know this topic has been treated loads of times, and i must say i have read them and tried all your advice, but Duna still doesn't walk how I would like her to.
    When she walks with me in the countryside, she walks close, so i praisa her and reward. Sometimes she pulls if she sees a birdie, a lizzard crossing or whatever distracts her, but she soon stops pulling as i say "close", so i reward her once again and praise..and that goes on all the walk..so i think she's got the idea…but...
    when we walk in town...she just pulls and pulls me to death and it discourages me terribly.
    There are too many distractions for her and she wont listen to me what so ever. She pulls and chokes herself and then coughs!!!
    What am i to do?? I dont like this situation and sometimes if i don't pay attention, I risk falling over!!!
    Help needed urgently!!!

  • Houston

    I have the same problem with Otis. I have bought him a martingale collar, also known as greyhound collar, that acts like slight choke, and he is better, still not perfect but better. Here in the states we have something called a "gentle leader" or a "halti leader", which is like a collar that goes around the dogs snout, thus preventing them from pulling. I haven't gotten that for Otis (yet) but if it keeps up I probably will. The issues with walking young B's on a leash is that they smell and see so many things and they just want to check it out, so pulling is inevitable…until they either get trained not to or a collar/lead that prevents them. We are working on the training, and Otis does OK while I do it in our surrooundings, like yard, but once I take him places where he sees people or other animals, all rules are out the window..

  • Gossy is definitely a strong puller when there are multiple distractions. The "Gentle Leader" type halter is a wonderful tool to have. I don't put it on her all the time (she doesn't like it and won't go for a walk if it goes on before we leave) but only when she starts her iron-mama pulling. As soon as that is on, it's like she's a different dog. I highly recommend it.

  • Just joking here. May have to blinders like they do for horses.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    Funny and the thought has occured to me too..
    Wizard, so you have luck with the gentle leader? I will probably get one for Otis..so walks can be enjoyable again.

  • it is a real challenge when you have 2 going after the same bunny!!!! :0
    jonny can get the strap off his snout in about 3 seconds on the gentle leader. sometimes loop the leash around his tummy and then it pulls under his arm pits instead of on his neck.

  • Houston

    What size do you use on them. Otis is 6 mo tomorrow and weighs about 24.5 lbs, so he is pretty close to what an average adult dog is. I am looking at getting one, but don't know what size to get.

  • If your dog won't stand for the Gentle Leader, or Halti, like mine wouldn't - just threw herself down and pawed at it no matter how many times we tried, the Easy Walk Harness, made by the same people as the Gentle Leader, will work - it has saved my sanity on walks. The size that fits best on the B's is a S/M - not small, but not the medium either.

  • Have you tried the Illusion collar marketed by Cesar Milan. I have got them for some of mine and they are very effective. I only use them for training as they can be quite restrictive. My walks for the dogs are just to give them new sniffs etc. as they get planty of exercise at home so I only walk them under the control of the collar when necessary but they certainly work although look rather ungainly.

  • I've read about the gentle leader on this forum and looked up the sight. I haven't had the time to search for one over here ( cos really, i hope Duna as by a miracle, will start to walk well. ) The other day i spent 3 1/4 of an hour changing direction every minute, and i did confuse her…and it got me frustrated!!! People musyt of thought i was crazy...but i didnt care at all...im keen on training her now that she's young cos i dont want to get her into bad habits that she'll keep up for ever!!!

  • I bought the S/M gentle leader - it's their head/neck size that important - and others that I've talked to all have the S/M size. Gossy has tried to pry it off in the grass but hasn't yet succeeded and now pretty much tolerates it. And like I said I don't always have to put it on but when I need it, it really makes a difference - the trick is that it controls the head and not the neck, like a horse halter.

  • Houston

    Thanks Wizard. I will try to find the tweener size..maybe I have to order it form online.

  • I've been following this thread with interest to see if I can apply any of your tips to Pat. My problem is mabe slightly different though and I wonder if you have any experience of what might work. Pat is not too bad when we are walking in the woods - but when we walk in the town he 'lunges' at cars, people or dogs. Obviously I need to be extremely vigilant as on a couple of occasions he has taken me by surprise and tugged the lead from my hand. I am not entirely sure what he would do if I let him get to the person either - would he just jump at them or maybe grab them (he is quite a 'mouthy' dog) Obviously I don't want to find out! Do you think the gently leader or halti would curb this behaviour? I have tried a noise distraction in the form of a small aerosol called a 'pet corrector' - it just lets off a harmless hissing sound (air) - worked a bit but seem to have to use it ALL the time. Any tips gratefully received! Thank You.

  • Houston

    I think the gentle leader or any head leader would work for that because he is not going to be able to lounge at all. However you would have to use it all the time, when walking in an environment that has people. cars and what not around. I haven't gotten one for Otis yet, but spoke to a friend last night that got one for her 80 lbs mutt and swears by it. He used to tug her into ditches and into the road..no more..as soon as he starts tugging he will be torqued to the side and it will divert him from what he initilally focused on, and I believe it is fairly uncomfortable to be pulled to the side so the dog tends to learn not to to tug or pull. I hope it helps..

  • basenjimamma…i'm wailting for you to buy it first and try it :p
    i've found this italian link...is it the same thing?
    And what size must i buy?
    At the bottom it gives you the breed for the size..where does the basenji come in??

  • Houston


    That is it. I think the size Wizard said he got was a in between size S/M. Apperantlt S is too small amd M is too Large. i will get mine today..I think..

  • I've just read on the italian net of people writing that if you misuse the gentle leader, it can lead to seriouse problems and can become dangerouse! Is that correct? has anyone out there had any negative experience with the gentle leader???:mad:

  • Houston

    I guess the clue is "if you misuse it" anything could happen. Shoot if you misuse a child carseat it can become dangerous, right? If it is used for its intent and properly put on, I can not see it being dangerous, but hopefully somebody with actual experience with the leader will chime in soon.

  • Kalima - I think the piccolo would be the size you want.
    I went and rechecked and the halter says S (although the package said S/M).

    The important thing to fit it properly (it's not difficult) - pay attention to the diagram and it will work fine.

    Since your leash is attached to the halter from below, if the dog starts to lunge it (the halter) pulls the head down and to the side a little and that's what stops the dog.

  • @Shaye's:

    …just threw herself down and pawed at it no matter how many times we tried, the Easy Walk Harness...

    I agree with this…although I've never tried this type...Nala did the same thing as Shaye's Mom says...she threw herself down and pawed at it...she lost hair from it...it was a nightmare! Also, people thought it was a muzzle (not that I cared), but the other type that goes around the chest and/or legs seems a bit better to me...In my humble opinion, that is!:o

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