• My little Lexi gets chills if you give her a belly rub while she's standing up. Her hackles literally raise and give her a faux hawk. Does anyone else's dog do this? My other Basenji doesn't do it. I find it really amusing. 🙂

  • I notice my B starts to shiver in certain situations. Not from the cold, but from anxiety. Sort of odd but funny at the same time. I only see his hair rise up around strangers and of course at the vet. Indoors in his "territory" he's usually calm.

  • No, this is not shivering– she literally gets chills from belly rubs. Like we would... I don't know--- I see where you could read this as "chills" in the cold/shivering aspect. But this is more of in the romantic/sensitive chills. Not sure if I'm making any sense. My dad used to call it "chicken skin"-- like if someone blows behind your ear...? 😉 lol... I will have to take a video, I guess!

  • Querk does this sometimes, but I think he is the only one of ours. I agree…it is like 'that really feels good'!

  • Trouper just LOVES having the base of his tail rubbed. ie along the top of his hip joints on his back. 🙂 He goes all gooey.:) Funny, my cat also likes this! 😃

  • Buana does it too, when you ask him if he's cold… (not a cold shiver!, a real oooohhh niceeee)
    Even when it's high summer and the temperature is too hot...
    He just knows we're coming to hug him... hahaha

    Chafuko does it when you rub between his shoulders..

  • BDawg…I know what you mean...Brando gets the same "chills". Liyah & Ruby do not.

  • First Basenji's

    Cody will do it if you use your knuckles to rub/massage his back or lightly scratch his cheek. Eventually he will just melt into an odd sitting position.

  • If we rubbed the back of Benjis neck or head his lips would stretch right back in a straight line as if he was smiling.
    Our big Dog Max always seeks out a patch of long grass to walk in, i think he likes the tickling sensation on his tum.

  • Nala does too! I'll let you know about J.R. –- We are getting him delivered by BBoy & Mrs. BBoy on Thursday!!!!!

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