• hmm, ok i will try to hold his head up and gait later on today/tonight and see how we do. thanks for the advise, anything to make that dip better is appreciated

  • See if you can get him to hold it up more himself. Try using the "watch me" command when moving… say "watch me" to get him to look up at you using a treat to get his attention

  • i can try, but he's not very food motivated. odd i know. usually to perk him up i say "where's the cat?" or " squirrels!"

    that gets his attention but also makes him lunge and pull, and eventually he end up hopping on his back legs to try to get whatever is there.

  • Psst….Zumi...turn around, there is a cat behind you! 😃

  • He's looking pretty good Char, can't wait to see him in a couple weeks!

  • i think he looks pretty swell myself. i think if you shaved his tail it would draw some attention from his hindquarters. i am not going to chance doing it wrong! can't wait to see how he does with you handling, i am just fumbling along.

    oh, anyone know how to get pine sap off? he has some on his leg and nothing i've tried so far has worked.

  • Lovely pics of your boy, he is very nice…

    Can I just give you a quick tip about the dippy topline 🙂 ??? My Ochre is also still a touch dippy in her topline as well. It is so annoying, waiting patiently... NOT... for it to straighten :). The tip I was given recently was to massage quite hard and for a good 5-10 mins, on either side of his "dip", just before going in the ring, or before doing pics etc ;);). Trust me it does work 😃

    Good luck...

  • Char, you do just fine with Zumi! You've been a quick learner and don't worry it takes time to figure out all the ring procedure, etc. But yes, his tail will need some doctoring. lol

    Try peanut butter for the sap. I know there are a couple other good ones but I can't remember them at the moment.

  • it was WAY too hot to do much anything but sit near an air conditioner last night, sorry but i wasn't running around the yard in 95 degree heat. maybe when its a bit cooler.

    anyways, um i can do peanut butter, unfortunately i am allergic. i tried an ice cube last night but it didn't work that well and Zumi was less than enthusiastic. i thought it would work because it helped get gum out of my hair once.

  • For tree sap, you could try cooking oil, it is the oil in peanut butter that does the work it is just easier to keep peanut butter in place than vegetable oil but if you soak a cotton ball in vegetable oil it should work much the same. Rubbing alcohol works on saps.

  • @SenjiShowgirl:

    anyways, um i can do peanut butter, unfortunately i am allergic.

    I forgot about the peanut butter, I just remembered the fish. Well that's what you have a brother for! lol

    And no, good gosh don't be running around outside in this heat! It gets better after today though. whew!

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