• Hello all! It has been a long time since I have been on here. Hope all is well. I have some bad news though and was wondering if anyone could help. I have a tri boy who I adore plus two other rescues I got from BRAT (Dane was a Petland boy). My b's are the light of my life but unfortunatly I am going through a divorce and the new place I moved into only allows two pets max. I have felt like I am making the choice like Sophie did in the movie "Sophie's choice" because I have had to decide which b I needed to give up. Unfortunatly or fortunatly, depending on how you look at it, the dogs I got from BRAT have come a long way but still need me and Im afraid they would regress if rehomed. My boy Dane from Petland, however, has no issues (except for his occasional chewing when he is bored) and so I feel he would be the easiest to rehome. He loves to play play play. He gets along great with other dogs and is unuasually good at being off leash in secure areas. Would anyone in Southeastern Ohio be intereseted in taking him? He is up-to-date on all shots etc. I have contacted BRAT but thought I would put this out there on the Basenji forum as well. Thanks all!

  • luvsmy2bs, sorry to hear about your divorce. I went through that several years ago and it is tough on everyone. I am not sure how we could help with the exception of transport. If my male wasn't such a poo poo head he could come here. Is he male dominant?

  • hi dash

    Thanks for your reply! He is not male dominant at all – in fact, I have not seen him with any dog (male or female) that he didnt get along with. I have contacted BRAT and they have replied that they are going to talk to me this weekend and see about our next step. It is just soooooooo hard though. I want to cry every time I look at him because I love him very much and I just want him to have a good home with at least one dog he can play with. This has been the hardest decisionI have had to make in a very long time.

  • actually, I think I may be the one picking him up. I just got an email. Suzanne said she was going to call you tomorrow. I always prefer to have as much time with a dog as possible before I go back to work. Let me call her and see when we can arrange transport. Unless, you are not ready.

  • hello there.. I have applied to Brat but have not yet had a home visit, ( although i have spoken to the lady who is in charge of visits in my area she was just really busy at the time, and I had puppyitis) I do have a 6 month old B girl.. she's my first.(bless her 😉 there were some tense moments, but we have survived the battle for sure….She stopped trashing my house and i abandonned the crate. ( her screaming was intolerable.) and will be moving to a new home as of july 1st. I have been contemplating getting a male for her. By chewing do you mean, socks underwear paper products marker lids kids toys and shoes or is it more furniture and drywall? because if its the regular pesky basengi pick up your stuff or else... than i would be happy to have him. if he is crazy destructive or not housebroken i would have to decline. But we are looking for a hubby for our b girl. oh yes our house also has a child so he would have to be child friendly. you can contact my page if you would like details. oh yes we are in southwestern ontario. doggie would need to come to MI with papers for border travel. just an option for you.. no matter what i pray he will find a good home. P.S. how old is he and was he faconi tested?

  • Good that you got in touch with BRAT - I'm sure they will be successful if someone here on the Forum doesn't step up to help -

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