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    Does anyone have any recommendations on pet-friendly pesticides? I'm not looking to cure the whole lawn, just looking to create a barrier around our house so no nasty little insects can invade.

  • What insects?

  • i use diatomaceous earth on my ant hills, but it does have some drawbacks - tends to get blow away or washed away with rain.

  • I've read a bit about diatomaceous earth - is it not that potent?
    I'm getting a lot of clover mites around my bathroom window & have seen some sow bugs, plus a few ants. And it seems as though we've both a bee's and a wasp's nest somewhere. Spiders are few.

  • Insecticidal soaps are relatively benign and work on a number of bugs. I believe the drawback is that you have to spray them directly on the bugs for them to work.

  • DE is effective and cheap, but very safe for things without exoskeletons. But it just does not have much staying power. There's even a food grade DE.


  • Houston

    I have the most efficient bug killers….my chickens. We have very few problems with bugs, snakes, lizards or anything of that kind...and we get lots of boneless chickens as rewards...eggs. All kidding aside, I have used DE, foodgrade is safer, especially around pets, it is natural but like said before, it only works while dry and not blown away. I usually sprinkle lots on top of flowerbeds and lawn, and then I rake it into the dirt as best I can. Once in the dirt it will take care of killing insects. You have ti be very careful when you put The DE down, if it gets airborn and dusts into you face your lungs might get bothered. Best to use a mask. It kills by drying the bugs systems out so very rapidly and effectively, it will also dry your skin if used without gloves, not to the point oof dangerous, but uncomfortable. There are some different sprays/granules available at Homedepot and Lowes that says they are safe for pets and kids. My husband likes to use something called Cedarcide (?) it is also natural, comes from the cedar tree. It smells very fragrant cedar, which is like a pinesol smell or something like that. The only problem we have with it is that Cedar is dangerous/deadly for chickensso that is why I use DE in their coop and run, and we use Cedarcide around the perimeter of the house...it works amazingly well to keep mosquitos away as well..talk about a bonus.

  • Alright, thanks. I'll give the diatomaceous earth a try, as I don't see chickens in my future any time soon! 🙂

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