Otis did swell at his first day of training

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    I signed Otis up for some basic obedience training to start our with and the first class was today. It was based on positive reinforcement and clicker training. He did splendid. The trainer came up to me prior to the class just to let me know not to give up on him, "because Basenjis are hard to train". She encouraged me to work with him daily. She had had one basenji in the past and "she (that B)didn't learn anything or at least she didn't show that she had learned anything". Does that sound like regular B behaviour or what? We will see, but I am positive that it will work out good. It was Otis and our Luna (my daughters schnorkie) and 6 other dogs, so needless to say it was a yap fest…to say the least and Otis looked mildly bothered by it. He just sat there so quietly and watched all this barky dogs and behaved like the prince he is. I am so proud.

  • I am happy to hear Otis did well. Jaycee had her first real class in action. Great and she did learn lots in her two hours. Go look at "Sit Means Sit". Its not cheap but our guy is great and very kind. Jaycee tummy was upset today and we called the vet but her world changed yesterday. Tom says they are very trainable you just have to know how. After her classes are done she can go every Saturday were they all get together and work with there dogs and play.
    All one word commands and not over using her name. We could all ready see a difference. Let me know how Otis is doing and have fun in class.

    Rita Jean

  • I'm glad your first class went well. Zoni I believe was rather bothered by all of the barking, there were 20+ dogs in our class. It takes her awhile to get into working mode in puppy class. Sounds like Otis will do just fine. Have fun in class!

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    Thank you so much for y'all warm support. My daughter woke up this morninga nd within minutes she was "working" on Luna so I guess I should get going on working with Otis. I think as long as you don't show negative emotions, not screaming and yelling, or even hitting the dog, but disappointment or in any other way negative, the dog will learn someting, all dogs are eager to please. If he choses to use his newly learned skills are a completely different story..

  • Houston

    Thank y'all for your warm support. I am convinced he will walk out of there with some knowledge…if he chooses to use is newly learned skill, that is a completely different story..

  • @Basenjimamma:

    the dog will learn someting, all dogs are eager to please.

    Hate to say it, but I definitely don't think that basenjis as a breed are eager to please…no matter how much training. To me they epitomize the term "WIFM - what's in it for me."

  • Houston

    "eager to please for ?..treats" is what I meant..lol

  • I am confident that if you have the right treat (LOL) you will do great. No serious basenjis are fun to train IMO I just finished my first class with my boy in the middle of May and he'll be 2yrs old at the end of this month and he did great and he LOVED going to school every week (he's a brindle beastie too ;)) We had dogs of all sizes and ages in our class.

    I'm sure your Otis will do just great; look at it this was - the yappy dogs are really a great training tool for you as a added distraction. Your commitment is what matters most, make sure you do your "homework" and pratice in place other than your living room, go to your front yard, back yard, garage, pet store, pet store parking lot.

    And the biggest thing with basenjis is change up the routine and KEEP IT FUN or they will get bored. Basically if you have several things for homework do like 5-7 practice of "sit" then move on to something else like "walk easy"

  • Houston

    Thanks for the ideas. I will go out in the frontyard…probably the most distracting for Otis with all the squirrels and birds..and also in our garage..lost of smells there. Yes, and keep it short and sweet. I have a 4 year old with very shoort attention span so I appreciate the "get bored real easy" part..lol

  • Great to hear! I wish a trainer would not tell a Basenji owner they are hard to train. It puts a negative in the person's mind. Anyway Buddy is starting beginner class on Monday.

  • Houston

    Yes, I agree with you, in my case it kind of made me even more motivated to make him the B that the trainer will remember as the B that learned something…My main goal is to get him to come when you call him...so he doesn' run away..and I understand that might be very hard..lol.
    So far he is doing great, we have practiced every day and he already knows the commands and just do them..treat motivated...it works..whomever said bribing doesn't work...they do not know what they are talking about.

  • My Basenji Benji was coming up to 3 when i got him and the only thing he could or would do was sit and then only if he thought there was something in it for him.
    My great problem with Benji was he was completely unmotivated by food or treats.
    I'm sure he loved us but my husband is covinced that he only cuddled up to keep warm,lol.
    I hope you have success with Otis, when we do get another pup i think i will try obedience classes.

  • Houston

    Shelley, You are right, the motivation "has" to be there, or it probably won't work. This is the first time I have taken OC with any of my dogs so I am sceptical, but highly motivated…my B will get this done.. My westie, Bogus never even learned how to crate properly...he kept on pooping in the crate and then sleep in it...nothing bothered him, noot even stinking like a dog pile. The crate I used for him was actually so small, after a lot of trials and errors and he still pooped..that is when we gave up. He did great with puppy pads..for peeing, not for pooping, that he did right next to the pad, like it wasn't supposed to get dirty or something..silly dog. He is not with us anymore, he just passed in late march.

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