Day 1 RCRA Triple Crown Results

  • Saturday LGRA

    9 Basenjis Entered

    1st - Svengali's Dark Beauty
    2nd - Kinetic Sourcery - New GRC!!
    3rd - Zuri's Trii Me
    4th - Kinetic's Enchanted Knight
    5th - Dharian's Levi
    6th - Kinetic-Tanza Soul Music
    7th - Sherwood's Shadow of the Moon
    8th - Jumanji's My Winifred
    9th - Sunbird Sudnly Follow The Lady

    Tomorrow is NOTRA and Monday is ASFA. The dogs are all happy and resting up for tomorrow.

  • Congrats on the new title!

    It sounds like you have a very fun weekend ahead, I'm jealous.

  • Thanks, we are having fun. Looking forward to ASFA tomorrow.

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