Day 1 RCRA Triple Crown Results

Saturday LGRA

9 Basenjis Entered

1st - Svengali's Dark Beauty
2nd - Kinetic Sourcery - New GRC!!
3rd - Zuri's Trii Me
4th - Kinetic's Enchanted Knight
5th - Dharian's Levi
6th - Kinetic-Tanza Soul Music
7th - Sherwood's Shadow of the Moon
8th - Jumanji's My Winifred
9th - Sunbird Sudnly Follow The Lady

Tomorrow is NOTRA and Monday is ASFA. The dogs are all happy and resting up for tomorrow.

Congrats on the new title!

It sounds like you have a very fun weekend ahead, I'm jealous.

Thanks, we are having fun. Looking forward to ASFA tomorrow.

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