• Hi -

    Denver has become obsessed with bobbing for ice cubes out of the water bowl until they're gone. Although it's messy, it is cute, but I'm a bit concerned about his safety. Has anyone ever heard of a B drowning or getting water in the lungs while doing this? He sticks his whole muzzle in the water & searches until he finds the biggest conglomeration. See here -
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFDuCGndKzw 🙂

  • Labs dunk their heads all the time, surely if they can survive, a basenji can too (no offense to lab people!).

  • I don't know about bobbing for ice cubes, but… Bella knows the sound when we get ice from the automatic ice/water dispenser on the fridge and will come running to wait for ice to "accidentally" fall on the floor~!:rolleyes:

  • My 2 b's chase ice cubes across the kitchen floor like cats, hitting it with their paws and chasing it. Good fun!

  • Houston

    You gotta love when your dog can be entertained by an almost free icecube for "ever", well until it melts at least. Otis hasn't figured that fun out yet, but our gloryfied mutt, Luna (she is a Schnoorkie…), she goes nuts. Unless you sneak the icecubes out of the freezer she will be climbing the freezerdoor trying to steal them from your glass, and it is not like we won't let her have any...but stealing them is more adventurous, I guess.
    Our little survivor pup...

    on a whole different note, my cat that I had ion the past, she would try to take them out of your glass of water...she hated getting wet, but it is like the icecubes were talking to her, she could not leave them alone...she had to get them out of that glass of water...and that too, was a funny sight. A cat whose head is completely soaked from all her rescue attempts.

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