Moses "donkey" Lovelace
First Basenji's

Here's our newest furkid. Who by the way LOVES the babies pacifier? He does not chew it up, he just holds it in his mouth like a baby. So cute!! He was trying to climb into his toy basket to sleep so I tried to make him a bed out of his blankie & a box. You'll see adorable!!

Great pics of Moses!

Very cute pictures! Since he loves the pacifier, you can get a dog toy pacifier that squeaks - Shaye loves hers still, and just carries it around by the top sometimes. Makes it squeak when she's in the mood.

He is so cute….

Do you have a pic with Moses and his pacifier???? 😃

Super cute! I LOVE that he's trying to sleep in his toybox!!

First Basenji's

No, but i'll try to get a picture with the pacifier, but I am trying to ignore the bad behavior. It's hard not to laugh. Yesterday he ran by the baby, very gently stole the pacifier and pranced to the back yard. Set it with his outdoor toys and raced around the yard as a victory dance. So funny!! LOL!

First Basenji's


Super cute! I LOVE that he's trying to sleep in his toybox!!

I know, what a cute baby!

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