Another "What do I have"? pic heavy

  • Hello All,

    We have just taken possesion of a lovely dog. We have been told that she is a Besenji Mix but from looking online at other Basenji Mixes I just don't see it. I am very curious of what breeds she may be made up of ?



  • Only one of your pics is showing up for me. Maybe shepherd in her?

  • ok not so pic heavy trying to get the pics to come out a decent size

  • She looks a bit like a malinois X to me. I once cyber met someone who had a GSD/basenji X and it looked an awful lot like a malinois. I even asked if they were sure it wasn't a mali. They told me the dog came from known parentage.

  • I don't see Basenji there either but you never know…. how big is she? Sometimes people see Basenji in any prick eared dog!

    No matter what, she is very bneautiful. Welcome to the forum to you both.

  • Patty I pretty much agree with you I think the big ears and slightly curled tail made the shelter people think she might be a Basenji mix. I am just on a fact finding mission to find out what she could be to help me help her be happy and healthy



  • We go to a dog park where a trainer goes to work with his GS and his Malinois - except that the Malinois looks a little more furry than yours, the shape and color of your dog very much resembles his. As an aside, he says his Malinois was very easy to train. (makes me embarrassed to even try to get my girls to "come" in his presence.:rolleyes:)

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