• Shaye, my 4 mo. old puppy, has had hiccups from time to time all the time we've had her - this morning she had hiccups while still in bed, and after we had our morning walk to empty out, she did not want her treat, and vomited a foamy mucus a little bit. First time that has ever happened. In a few minutes she was running around as usual, and ate her breakfast as usual. Nothing seems to be wrong now, but I'm wondering is this something I should be worried about or are hiccups normal for dogs?

    She sleeps on her own bed next to mine, but real early in the morning gets up with me and burrows under the covers for an hour or so before we get up. Seems to me it's really hot under there, could that have something to do with it?

    Has anyone else out there had this happen?

  • IMHO, hiccups are totally normal in a puppy. My nearly 5mo old gets them (less frequently than when she first came home - usually after eating). And sometimes my adults get them as well (again, not as often as the pup).

    Regarding the vomit - sounds like it was just bile. She probably had a bit of an empty stomach and just needed to eat. Maybe try giving her a couple of biscuits right before she goes to bed for the night or as soon as she gets up in the morning. Mine sometimes get "empty tummy" if they exercise much before eating at least a snack.

  • Mine gets the empty stomach issue if he's not fed a little kibble before bedtime.

    As far as hiccups go, i've only seen Kananga do this a handful of times and it has always occurred in the morning when he first wakes up. He'll have his arms across my back (as i'm half-asleep) and he will hiccup quite quickly (very fast paced) but for a short amount of time. Usually lasts a minute or so. Wakes me up quickly as it's usually a bit startling. Seems normal.

  • Hiccups are totally normal for a puppy…. it decreases with age.... and they rarely have them as adults....

    and I agree about "empty" tummy... very typical...

  • Just wanted to reply so there is another curious basenji owner stating they have encountered the same thing. Our basenji, Pharaoh, also burps occasionally. He, at 10 weeks, has vomited once and almost just did for the second time only moments ago.
    He was very close to doing so that he became weak and it brought to my memory how he was when he did vomit. He basically blacked-out "for all intents and purposes", he just lost muscle control, went straight legged and rocked over face first into the floor. It was not a pretty/comforting sight, but he seems just fine and as others have stated that it seems due to lack of proper feeding/empty stomach. Pharaoh has been eating the chicken soup for the puppy kibble(whatever the exact brand name is).

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