Hi Jennifer, if your suggestion to worm all dogs was to me, we did worm the younger 2 with a different drug, 1 dose last week and another in a month. I pretty much insisted on it. Topper has other health issues and a crappy immune system, so he gets stuff the others don't get, but I don't want any yukky hookworms anywhere around us.

And Patty, your boy could have anal gland issues that are causing the licking, not necessarily worms.


MacPack - thank you,Ama goes to the vets tomorrow so will then know what's what. The glands don't seem impacted but could certainly be the problem. I'll let you know.

MacPack - thank you - it was anal glands and boy, were they full! We didn't get to the vet until today because we had car issues. Ama is his old self again now so he was obviously very uncomfortable before.
I don't know why he had troubles because he is fed raw meat and plenty of vegetables so I would think he has plenty of fibre to keep him firm. Does any one have any ideas of what else I can give him to help prevent this happening again?

I feed my 2 raw pumpkin and have no gland issues here.

I know the hemorrhoids issue was a little time ago but here is food for that and several other things. You can look up Colloidal Silver on goggle and see what all it is good for. One of the web sites I looked at today was www.diagnose-me.com. We have used silver on our dogs before it was the 10 ppm that is high enough on the ppm goes higher and higher but as I said 10 ppm is more than enough. Please look up colloidal silver.

I'll try pumpkin if I can get hold of it - it's not readily available here. Thanks.

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