Kibbe in the Snow

Our dog, Kibbe, is 16 weeks old. We live in Florida, but brought him out to our vacation home in Colorado. He loves to sit right next to the wood stove, but also loves to run and play in the snow!

I live in the PNW, and my b's love the snow much more than the cold rain…

He is gorgeous!! Is he your first basenji?

Welcome to the forums and the cute puppy face in the avatar. What a cute name!! How did you come up with it?

He is our first. My husband and son have sever allergies, so we were looking for a dog that would be good for them. It took a month, but the allergic reactions have subsided. We named him after one of our favorite foods- kibbe nayeh (raw ground lamb with bulgher wheat). Sounds weird to name him after that, but it is something we love! We have had him for 6 weeks now and he is great (most of the time).

What a great looking pup! Congrats!

And a big welcome to the forum! 🙂

What a cute pup…. where did you get him? If you don't mind sharing

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