More than one B in Saint Peter, MN????

  • I know there are several members from Minnesota on here, so I thought I'd throw out this question:

    Anyone else here from Saint Peter, MN?

    In a town of 9,000 I figured that there wouldn't be any other Bs, but I saw one today on a walk as I drove through town (brindle with a stocky body). I was on the main road and couldn't find the B and owner when I finally got off the main road.

    With the still-chilly weather, I'd love to make a play date if you're on the forum and willing!


  • There is a Brindle boy that came to me via an all breed rescue that I placed in that area several years ago - the owners were older and not on the internet so don't know if they still have him or not.

    There also was someone who got a breeding pair a bit further south as a partial payment for installing carpet - they had at least one litter that I know of.

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