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thanks for the dog park link, there are two close to me.

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your life will be very unsettled for the next few years, finishing school, going to college or work, getting your own place, dating, etc. do you really want a dog? will you really have time to be a good basenji owner?if you want to go out with friends after work, (in 3 years), will the dog be in a crate day and night? and then, when you do come home, you'll be ready for bed, not play. a cat, ferret or lower energy dog might be a better choice.

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is anyone interested in a playdate in the area? my dog has no one to play with, all the neighbor dogs are really old or sick. does anyone know of dogparks in the area?

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good luck - i quit a few years ago, without intending to! i was just wearing the patch to stop my kids from nagging me all the time, and it worked! i almost back slid about 6 weeks into it, and took a puff. boy, what a mistake, i was coughing and choking badly, and it took me 15 minutes to stop. it certainly was the opposite of the "ahhh" feeling that a smoker gets when smoking. i'm sure you can do it, many people have. also, for the first couple of weeks, each time i didn't buy a carton of cigarettes, i bought myself a new CD. it was cheaper, and a nice reward.

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i am not sure when she(daughter) last used it. is it a monthly or weekly product? i've been out of town over the holidays, and i haven't seen the dog do it since i got back, and i probably am the one with the most time with the dog. She (dog) didn't twitch very often, less than daily, so it makes sense that if it is the medicine, and it is almost time for the next dose, the symptoms would decrease.

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thanks so much for the advantix tip. i do think that is what my daughter uses. she'll switch to something else, and later i'll update the results.

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my daughters 6 month old also has twitching, but it is in her back, then she chases her tail. the twitching seems to be involuntary, like a spasm or something. of course, she has that worried look, but has any one heard of this?

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