Ace Ventura

Ok, this has been bugging me for AGES!!

Is this a basenji on the Ace Ventura DVD cover?? I first noticed it when i bought the DVD a while ago (it has so many pretty animals in it 😃 ), it definately looks like a basenji to me, but i dont think the film actually featured one???

Anyway, linkage:

I think you may be right. Curly tail, pointy ears, blaze & collar. Looks like a little black & white.

I'm pretty sure Jim Carrey had/has Basenjis, so yeah.

I read the Basenji was cut from the footage and they only have the dismissed animal star on the cover the DVD (which still works right!!?) 😉

I had that poster at one time. Its a b/w b but there isn't one in the film.

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