Hi from WV

Thanks for the welcomes…. My basenji is tri-colored. They can definitely be a handful. I'm about 3 hours away from wheeling wv

Hello again, I am so glad to see you here on the forums… (assuming this is the same family of Cairo I just recently met)! 😃 This is a wonderful community of Basenji lovers, I have learned so much about our unique breed here. Feel free to ask questions and share photos (hint, hint;))!!!

yes i am the same one you just met…lol I will try to upload pics as soon as I can.

Welcome to our pack! Since this is your first beastie, I'm sure you've already found that he is not like other dogs - basenjis have their own little quirks. Feel free to ask questions – we have a huge amount of collective knowledge here.

Hello & welcome from Canada. Nice to have you here

Welcome Cairo's mom and Cairo!! We didn't know what we were getting into with our first B. either. Needless to say, you get hooked. One follows another…...

Welcome from Canada. We had our lil' beast for a week and a half now and its been nothing but eventful, lol. They are nothing like I have ever experienced with puppies b4, they are way better x10. I just wish I would have gotten 2.

Hi and Welcome to you and Cairo.

Welcome to the forum. Watch out Nicholas, before you know it you'll have a few more. Ahh the addiction has set in!

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