• i am joining because there are no basenji psychologist that i know of, but a pool of experience would also help me with my pregnant female

  • Lorraine, welcome and I am glad you are seeking out help but the time to do that is LONG before you have a bitch pregnant. 😞 Breeding doesn't take a basenji psychologist… it takes people taking the time to learn, to research pedigrees, to understand dogs, to understand genetics, to learn fully about what to expect and the reasons for creating a litter. It always makes me sad to see the work done backwards, but at least you care enough to try to find out now rather than after the pups or never at all.

    Can you tell us a little about your bitch and the stud used... particularly their lines? Some here with lots of experience may know the lines, know the temperaments, know about what genetic issues are in the lines. While I have had basenji for 7 yrs, I am an utter NEWBIE to the breed. I have had Rottweilers for 20 yrs and still don't consider myself an "expert" even though I sure know their genetics and lines better than I ever will have a clue about Basenji lines.

    You see, even though I have 2, I would never ever have bred them without someone I trusted as a responsible breeder to guide me. I actually spayed both my champion bitch and her neice, btw. Although I know of nothing so cute as baby basenji, I have turned my time to rescue instead of creating more of them.

  • Welcome to the forum. This place is a wealth of information.

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