Table Jumping

Guess who just figured out he could jump from the ground onto the table!!!!! Sighs…any suggestions as to how to keep him off?

I have not had a table jumper, but I do have dogs who used to beg at the table, and I used spuirt bottles to send them to their spots.

Im looking for a taller table for my kitchen…

Maca jumps to the table easily...

Good luck!

Fiji is a table jumper given half a chance, I use a stern voice on her, she knows its wrong but Basenjis do what they want most of the time! Her motivation is usually when following the sun.

How old is he? Moet used to jump on the work tops in the kitchen but seemed to grow out of it, when he was a bit older.

Hrm…. Indy is 15 months. He seems to want to do it when he thinks no one is around. Brings his toys up there to play :-P. Hes a silly guy. I'll keep a squirt bottle handly though.

Gossy does this too. My trainer suggested a plastic mat called "scat mat" (available from PetSmart). It is battery powered and gives a very very very minimal shock - equivalent to static electricity. Gossy stopped jumping on the table after only two days. Be sure to cover the battery box with something so your dog doesn't try to eat it.

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