Hi All! Just thought I'd do an intro since I'm back reading the forums after a while : )

The name is Anoop, been a 'senji owner since 2004. Actually Diana McCarty (who I think is on the board as dmcarty) met me at a truck stop in WI to transfer over Budh (former alias Butch and he is now about 13)…don't know if she remembers : ) Had another BRAT 'senji Bidi (former alias Brandy) 2005-06...she was an awesome girl!

Here are some pictures of the hound about 3 years ago >

Well that's it for now…cheers everyone!

Welcome! Love the pics!

Enjoy the forum! 🙂


Barrroooooo from Shango 😉

Welcome to the forums!!!:D

Welcome Anoopa. Thanks for the pics and a big hug sent your way for the rescue.

Hello & welcome from Canada. Loved your pics.


Welcome to the forum!!!

Nice pictures!!!!

Welcome to the forum!

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