• Hi,

    We live with two basenjis: Curie (Dark Skies Cherry Bomb) and Will (Dark Skies Laugh Out Loud).

    Will is new to our house; he was three when his last family couldn't keep him any longer due to some changes in their lives. He's still a little aloof, but getting the hang of life in our house. (He arrived right before Labor Day.) He is a little monkey; he has figured out every door latch and child lock we have so far. He tugs trash out from under the kitchen sink and brings it to us very happily. "Look what I FOUND under there!"

    Curie thinks we brought him home for her. She looooves him. They share a big crate now, which helps them both, I think.

    Curie is my baby :). She has been with me through some big changes in my life, and I think she studies me like a little basenji scientist. She predicts what I'm going to do based on the teensiest minutiae. "When mom puts on THOSE shoes, it means we are going for the long walk." It's so cool. No one else in my life watches me so carefully!

    We also have a bengal cat who thinks that she is a basenji.

    We're in Virginia, right outside DC. Now that life is settling down, I'm starting to think about lure coursing, but I know nothing about it. Will's sister is a pretty decent lure courser (Gracie? Dark Skies Morgan's Grace… I could be slightly wrong on the name, but that's the gist), and Curie's father is, as well. (Rocket Socks? Something like that? I will find out.) I suppose I should know this stuff better :). They like to run run run, and their breeder (who happens to be my sister) tells me my two would like coursing.

    Anyway, that's us!

  • Hi Listeme! Welcome to the forum. Abbey (Nights of Rain and Stars) is my little black and white who will be three on Christmas Day. She was 4 months when she came to me and such a little wild Indian I considered many times putting up a Free Dog sign outside my door. Somehow I restrained myself and we made it through. Abbey doesn't destroy things as much as she did (nothing left to tear up!) but she comes up with some new trick every day to amaze and amuse me. Her current project involves trying to open the front door. She just hasn't figured out that a door knob requires a twist and not a pawing motion. You're brave to take on a 3 year old. Curie's probably thanking you for finding somebody just like her and not a beagle.

  • hi listeme! welcome to the forum. looking forward to seeing some pictures. my sister is a dog walker in mannasses, are you close to her? dont you love being part of an extended b family? my mom and all of my sisters have/had basenjis. i hope my son gets the basenji gene too 🙂

  • Yeah, I think Curie is very grateful to me for Will. He's a present for her! (At least in her mind.)

    Ambered, I'm in Centreville, which is the next town over from Manassas. Nice to know a dog walker who understands basenjis. I will keep her in mind if I ever need to call one!

    It's great being part of a basenji family. We all go to the same place for vacation in August, with basenjis, and I think the other cabin people really have no idea how many dogs we have between us. "Didn't I just see that boy walking a different dog? Or is it the same one? I'm so confused!"

  • i just realized my post doesnt make as much sense as it would if you knew that i had 6 sisters.
    i know what you mean about people thinking bs look alike. i have seen some dogs before and said well oh this and this doesnt look good. my husband is like what? it looks just like that other dog! i just roll my eyes at him. (no matter what i think they are all cute…its just this one, reminds me of the hyenas in the lion king, but even she is cute)

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