Hello everyone,

Im new to the forum, i have been researching Basenji's and are quite interested in becomming a proud owner of the gorgeous creature.

Any information you guys have that will help in purchasing and bringing up a Basenji would be great


Hi Katrina,
Good to see another Aussie on this site. There are many wonderful people on here with a great wealth of knowledge. There is also lots of great stories and photo's as well. I am only new here as well but have been made very welcome, so come in and enjoy 😃

Welcome on the forum!

Much information to find here!

Welcome, glad you found us.

Welcome to our group. Since you are just starting on considering a basenji, you might want to do some searches on simple topics like food or fanconi etc. This will give you some idea of the issues we've discussed. And of course, any questions just ask away.


Im also another Aussie, who is very new to this forum. I have enjoyed this forum soooooooooo much :D. There is heaps of fantastic info for you to sift through, enjoy !!!

Hi there "down under" !! 😉
Welcome to the "What You Always Wanted To Know About Basenjis And Never Found But Here"-forum and greetings from Belgium !!:D

Welcome, from Illinois, USA. Happy reading!!

Hello & welcome from Canada. Hope you find the perfect match for your home. There is a lot of great info here, & you can spend days just doing your 'homework'.


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