• If you live in middle to north Georgia and you would like to try lure coursing with your Basenji (or other sighthound breed), let me know and I can help you get started. I am a member of a club called Sighthounds of North Georgia which holds coursing practices about once a month and we cater to getting novices a start in the sport.

  • Robyn, I live in Knoxville, Tn and would love to have my mixed basenji do lure coursing. Do you know anyone in this area who participates? I know Chattanooga has a group that just started, but I would love someone closer to Knoxville. I have also discovered that some groups will only let mixed breeds run during practice. That is fine with me, I would like to try it for the fun of it and the exercise it would give my Basenji. Thanks for any info.

  • As far as I can tell, there are only 3 clubs in TN that hold lure coursing events; Chattanooga Kennel Club, Maury County Kennel Club, and Nashville Kennel Club. You can get contact info for these clubs at www.asfa.org and www.akc.org.

    Chances are that your dog will enjoy lure coursing and it is indeed wonderful exercise. Only purebred, registered animals may participate in actual competition but most clubs are pretty friendly about allowing any dog to run in practices.

    My best wishes to you.

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