Maverick and Aiden

I really feel it is important to share something very special with all of you: Maverick has been here for a few months now and is growing up nicely! The BEST thing about Maverick is his relationship with my son (17 months). They are litter mates for sure. Maverick and Aiden follow each other around, play play play together, nap together, and the most amazing thing is that MAverick is teething and he can bite when he is playing (LOL) but with Aiden NEVER, even one time when Aiden bit him, Maverick whined and licked his face :eek: Of course we taught Aiden NOT to touch the puppy except with NICE touches, and they are SO great about it. Aiden and Maverick are learning from each other too. Both potty training (funny story: We tell Maverick to Pee on the Paper, and mid Diaper Change, Aiden peed on the paper! LOL eww but good try) Aiden is going well on the potty as well) Of course Aidens favorite word FIRST thing in the morning or after being gone is PupPup. lol. Its just amazing to me how MUCH they have bonded. Im sort of Jealous of Aiden because when it comes down to it, Maverick chooses Aiden first EVERY time!!! Is it normal for a puppy to bond SO SO well with a young child? Will MAverick grow out of it? I hope not. Its the most incredible thing to see every day how much they LOVE eachother…GRINS

I don't have experience in this, but I am so glad they get along so well!

I am glad your treaching both the b pup and your son to be respectful.
It's the way to go!

I am so happy for your Aiden, I don't think this bond will ever change. I have been told that when dogs choose the one they want to be with most that it is forever. So, it looks like your son is one lucky, blessed kid. Congrats!

when I read this I'm so happy!!!
When I was little My parents had a dog and he bonds very much with me. Just the same as you telling!

I learned so much about dogs when I was that young and I got a very very good friend.

I think children learn very much from having a dog around.

Thank you! I am very glad as well, but a little jealous of Aiden!! Hahahaa….GEEZ they are like Twin Toddlers!!! URG...LOL....its great!

See… now you have "two" children to raise... only difference is one has four legs...gggg and the four legged one never "grows" up.... Basenjis think they are Peter Pan for life!!!!

The answer is he will most definetly not grow out of it. Whe I met my husband I remember thinking. I hope he will love me that much some day…..seeing him and his dog together.

How special for a child to have such a wonderful companion. That kind of bond will teach both of them so much and will serve your son greatly in the years to come.


See… now you have "two" children to raise... only difference is one has four legs...gggg and the four legged one never "grows" up.... Basenjis think they are Peter Pan for life!!!!

Peter Pan for life , that is soooooooo true. Who wants to grow up anyway? What a geat thread, makes my life a little easier to put up with. I will smile for hours over this…....Thanks 😃


The tables will turn at some time. Aiden will choose Maverik as his best friend and comforter.

My daughter told her Tyler all her best kept secrets. His fur was stained with the tears of childhood angst for many years. The dog always knew everything before us:D. Basenji love is the best therapy out there.:)

BTW, hows the little bean?? Due date??

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