• Today, Bendji becomes 12 weeks old and his first 3kg package of kibble is finished.
    Good moment to start a try-out with a whole new food programme …
    This morning I switched my boy from the kibble thing to the fresh Puppy Growth Menu from Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats.
    Here are some of the ingredients: bulgur, fresh hamburger, fresh cottage cheese, eggshell powder, Healthy Powder, torula yeast flakes, fresh salmon oil, vitamin E and grated bio carrots.
    We will monitor him for two weeks to see how he reacts to the ingredients (for instance the yeast tolerance) of his new food.
    After this period I will either decide to continue with this menu, eventually making some changes to it, or to switch back to a good brand of kibble…
    It's definitely more expensive than kibble but hey, don't we all want the best for our furries ? 🙂
    So let's give it a try !
    I'll keep you informed !

  • No raw diet for Bendji? 😉
    What's 'healthy powder'?

  • Hey Janneke.
    We tried chicken wings for a few days and the only result was diarrhea !
    So maybe it's better to move more slowly towards BARF 😕
    The approach of Dr. Pitcairn towards healthy food for animals in casu dogs and cats seems logic and reasonable to me and he uses raw meat in his recipes so that's a plus too.
    Healthy powder is a mixture of the following ingredients. He uses it in all of his recipes and… I tasted it myself and it's not that bad at all 😉

    HEALTHY POWDER (recipe copyright of Richard H. Pitcairn,D.V.M.,Ph.D.)
    2 cups (1 cup=250 gr) nutritional yeast (no beer yeast !)
    1 cup lecithin granules
    1/4 cup kelp powder (zeewier)
    5 teaspoons eggshell powder
    optional 1000 mg vitanin C (I didn't use it)

    We just have to monitor Bendji for a few weeks to see if he does react positively to the yeast because some animals are allergic to it.
    And so far he loves it !! (in fact he loves everything that's eatable hahaha);)
    If you have more questions please feel free to contact me for more info.

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