• Moses, my 15 yo male, has started to drink his own pee. Not the whole puddle but a couple of laps, then he walks off. Last December his blood work showed he is producing immature red blood cells.

    Is his pee making up for minerals or salts he is no longer getting from producing mature blood cells?

  • Max would try to clean up his own pee if he had an accident in my car–but he would try to lap it all up. When he was 15 and starting having incontinence problems and had accidents in the house, I never noticed him trying to lap it up.

  • Dallas will do this when he pees in his crate. However, that is the only time I have ever noticed. I actually have never caught him doing it either, but my mom has. Not to mention, I have come home & my room will smell like he peed but the crate will be dry. I assume that's what he has done. I asked my vet & they said it isn't anything serious that should cause concern.

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