• Yesterday at Tucson, our lil Miss Jocelyn age 11 qualified for Westminster in Junior Showmanship. She was given FC Nowata's I Did It Again SC, aka "Buddy" the current #5 coursing basenji, as a squirmy 3 month-old puppy by breeder Sherry Stevens on the sole condition that she try Jr Showmanship at least once. So if anybody needs help ex-ing B's at either Eukanuba or the garden grab her she's available. Happy Thanksgiving to all those kind soles who have mentored her with guidance and treating her as an equal on the line and in the rings. When we tucked her in last night, we asked if she'd had a good day. Her reply was "everyday I get to do fun stuff with my dog is a good day."

  • That is awesome!! Congratulations to Jocelyn, and all of you! Best wishes, and I will be keeping an eye out for her on TV!

  • Just wanted to add written congrats to Jocelyn! She has become an excellent handler in a very short time and we've thoroughly enjoyed watching her progress.
    See you in Long Beach!

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