Junior Stakes

Hi There,

Been trying to get on here for about half an hour to update with our results. It kept freezing or something though…. Fingers crossed it works this time!

Anyway, me and Maya returned to Welsh KC Champ Show to compete for a place in the Junior Stakes finals, against a Lancashire Heeler from yesterday and Akita from today.

Anyway, great news!! Little Msya WON!! I am a very proud mum today, shes still only 8 months old so just a baby.

To top the great day off, Maya's mum also won the Champion Stakes so has qualified for the Finals for that too 🙂

Woohooo!! That's great!! Congratulations!!! 😃

Well done again Jess & Maya:D


wow, congrats to both of you…Job well done indeed. Did you take pics?

That is great… so can you explain for us here in the US exactly what JR Stakes are?

I second that is great and yes please do explain. Happy for you.

Rita Jean

Yay! Whatever it is 😕:rolleyes: - you should be proud and congratulations…looking forward to the particulars...!

Well done Jess & Maya! You will have to look out your posh frock for the finals

Well done Jess and Maya we knew you could do it! Look forward to seeing the pics

Thanks everyone!

Here is a commentry thing of the Finals of the Junior Stakes from a couple of years ago 🙂 We will be surrounded by all of the best known people in the dog world so a rather exciting event 😃


Congrats Jess!!!! What a great results!

Well done CONGRATULATIONS we just knew you could do it give Maya a big hug from Tegan Ludo Beebee and Me

Congratulations Jess and Maya, well done!!!

Congrats, that is awesome!

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